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Library Policy - Schools

This policy sets out the requirements for school libraries and the responsibilities of school principals, teacher-librarians and other school staff in relation to the programs of the school library.

1. Policy statement

1.1 Libraries are an essential resource within New South Wales government schools to support teaching and learning in the context of syllabus and curriculum requirements.

1.2 Libraries provide teachers and teacher-librarians with resources to teach the curriculum and students with resources for individual learning and recreational reading.

1.3 Principals and teacher-librarians are responsible for the development of an educational program and a detailed description of the support each library provides to meet the particular needs of the students of the school.

2. Audience and applicability

2.1 This policy applies to all school principals, teachers, teacher-librarians and administrative staff.

3. Context

3.1 The purpose of the school library is to support teaching and learning within the total program of the school. Teacher-librarians collaborate with teachers in the planning, implementing and evaluating of teaching and learning programs, including the integration of Information Communications Technology and literacy.

3.2 Teacher-librarians provide students with opportunities to develop information skills and to use these skills competently and with confidence for lifelong learning.

4. Responsibilities and delegations

4.1 The teacher-librarian is:

  • a member of the school's total teaching staff and as such is actively involved in collaborative teaching and learning, school curriculum planning and in program development.
  • involved in the provision of the information-related resources integral to the planning, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum of the school.
  • a specialist teacher who develops, manages and evaluates, on behalf of the Principal, systems and procedures which include:
    • library budgeting.
    • selection and culling.
    • ordering and acquisitions.
    • cataloguing and classification using the Schools Catalogue Information Service.
    • processing of materials.
    • circulation.
    • stock control.

4.2 The principal and the teacher-librarian together are responsible for implementing the school's library policy.

5. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements

5.1 The Libraries Coordinator, who is responsible for curriculum and policy support for school libraries, will monitor the implementation of this policy and will report as required to the Director, Learning Systems.

6. Contact

Libraries Coordinator (02) 7814 2568.

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