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Commercial Arrangements – School-Based Activities Policy

Commercial Arrangements are required when a school plans to provide goods or services to an outside organisation, individual or business in return for cash or an in-kind provision.

1. Objectives - Policy statement


The department supports commercial arrangements with appropriate organisations, individuals, businesses and other government agencies.


Commercial arrangements should be consistent with the corporate principles, vision and goals for public education in NSW.


Commercial arrangements provide opportunities for schools to raise extra money that can be spent in a way that benefits students and supports the work of teachers.


The extra resources derived from commercial arrangements are in no way meant to replace any government or other current provision on which NSW public schools and the department rely.


Commercial arrangements must be formally recorded in a manner that is appropriate for the type of arrangement involved.


Commercial arrangements must not infer or involve the endorsement of products or services by the department, employees or students.

2. Audience and applicability


This policy applies to all NSW public schools.

It is advisable that principals, teachers and others read the Commercial Arrangements - School Based Activities Guidelines.


This policy does not include sponsorship arrangements. The department’s Sponsorship Policy and Sponsorship Guidelines are available online the policy library.

3. Context


Schools are permitted to participate in commercial arrangements with outside individuals or organisations.


Where it is not contractually possible for an existing arrangement to comply with this policy the arrangement should be made compliant within 12 months of the publication date of this policy.

4. Responsibilities and delegations


Department officers approving commercial arrangements need to ensure that the principles contained in the policy and guidelines are abided by.


The Department's Financial Delegations apply - (intranet only).

5. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements


Revenue generated from commercial arrangements can be actual or in-kind. Standard financial and annual reporting requirements apply to such arrangements.


Business Systems will facilitate an annual review of this policy and report on its implementation.

6. Contact

Leader, Business Engagement and Development (02) 9244 5280.

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