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Aboriginal Education and Training Policy PD/2008/0385/V02;
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan 2010-2014 (ATSIEAP);
Turning Policy into Action: A Guide for Local Planning Groups (2009);
Aboriginal Education and Training Policy: An Introductory Guide (2009);
Aboriginal Education Policy PD/2005/0209/V03

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The first Aboriginal Education Policy released in 1982 focused on the advancement of Aboriginal communities and an appreciation of Aboriginal cultures and societies by other Australians.
A decade later, this landmark policy was reviewed to make the policy relevant to schools with small numbers of Aboriginal students.
The 1996 Aboriginal Education Policy had three focus areas:
Aboriginal students
Aboriginal communities
All staff, students and schools.
Many Aboriginal communities and a range of staff made significant contributions to the development and implementation of this policy.
In October 2003, the NSW Government announced a review of the effectiveness of the provision of Aboriginal education and training for Aboriginal students in New South Wales. The Aboriginal Education Review raised concerns about the consistency with which the Aboriginal Education Policy had been implemented and recommended that the Aboriginal Education Policy be updated in partnership with the NSW AECG Inc.
As a result the Aboriginal Education Policy has been updated as an action within the Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy 2006-2008. Extensive consultations and feedback on the draft were supported by the Department and the NSW AECG Inc. Feedback was received from 189 group and individual submissions. More than 1000 people were involved.

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From November 2016 the Aboriginal Education policy applies only to the school sector, the policy articulates the department’s commitments to Aboriginal education in schools and their communities.

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