Keeping active

The school holidays are coming, which means your children are about to have a lot of free time and nowhere to go. To support our parents and children we’ve compiled a list of activities to help keep your children active, stimulate their minds and keep them busy during this period.

Here are some fun activities you can try with your child to keep them active:

Fitness Classes

Exercise and staying active are vital for any child and considering that children won’t be able to do many of their usual fitness activities, we’ve come up with a few substitutes. Ensure your child gets at least 30min of exercise a day:

Dance party

For the dancers in your family, or the ones who just want to shake and wiggle, here are some alternatives that will ensure they stay active and have a great time:

These are just some activities we found, feel free to look for your own or change them to suit your needs. Let us know about the ones you tried or ones we missed that you think should be added to the list.

Find some more recreational activities and ideas to try in our helpful guide.

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