Educational platforms and activities

The school holidays are coming, which means your children are about to have a lot of free time and nowhere to go. To support our parents and children we’ve compiled a list of educational activities to stimulate minds and keep your children busy and engaged during this period.

Here are some of the fun and educational activities you can try with your child:


Are you just looking to increase your child's interest in science? Here are some interesting scientific resources they can access over the school holidays:

  • NASA Kids’ Club: Learn about space, science and technology with the NASA Kids’ Club.
  • Access Mars: A Web VR Experiment: Your future astronaut can explore the surface of Mars through this stimulating VR experience.
  • Science Buddies: This platform offers a wide variety of science-based activities and videos to keep your little scientist thinking and experimenting through the whole school holiday.
  • Live Science Classes With Mark Rober: Mark Rober offers daily science classes from his YouTube channel so your little scientist can keep learning through the holidays.

Virtual trip to the museum

Just like the zoo’s, all of the museums around the world have had to close their doors, but this also offers us a unique opportunity to see everything inside them from the comfort of our own homes. From island research stations to the most famous art museums in the world, here are some virtual tours to keep your children busy this school holiday:

Go to the theatre

Do you, your family or one of your children love the theatre? Then these are the perfect platforms for them:

It’s music time

Here are some activities for the musicians in your family - or if you’re looking for something different to do, mix it up with one of the following programs:

  • Tiny Desk from NPR: Live stream musicians into your home and have your very own concert.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba: This platform offers clips from the popular TV show featuring performances by musicians aimed to entertain your younger children.
  • Classical Kids: Introduce your child to classical music through resources on this platform.
  • Exploratorium - The science of music: Explore the science of music through online exhibits, movies, and questions.

Fun educational platforms

If you’re looking for specific activities in your child's favourite subject or a subject they probably need to work on, here are a collection of education platforms that could help:

  • The Departments Learning Resources: These are fun resources we put together to help your child learn from home, but they work equally well for school holiday activities.
  • The Kids Should See This: This platform offers short education videos on every subject from science to art.
  • Kids World Travel Guide: If you have an avid explorer in your home, this platform can teach them about the world and it’s countries.
  • National Geographic Kids: Keep your child learning with a variety of content from National Geographic specifically created for kids.
  • Rosetta Stone for Kids: Does your child want to learn another language? What better time than during the school holidays? This platform offers immersive lessons and constant feedback to help your child.
  • I can teach my child: This is a US-based homeschooling platform that offers a large collection of activities for children 6 and under.
  • Kanopy for Kids: This platform offers educational and non-educational videos. It does require membership to a local library to access.
  • Oxford Owl At Home: Help Your Child Learn At Home: This platform offers resources and activities for all subjects and children of all ages.
  • Aussie Artist Ken Done is offering free worksheets to help children of all ages explore and have fun with art.

These are just some activities we found, feel free to look for your own or change them to suit your needs. Let us know about the ones you tried or ones we missed that you think should be added to the list.

Find some more recreational activities and ideas to try in our helpful guide.

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