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The school holidays are here, which means your child is about to have a lot of free time. To support parents and carers, we’ve compiled a list of educational activities to keep your child curious and learning during this period.

Here are some of the fun and educational activities you can try with your child:

NSW Education LIVE

The department has produced a series of short live streams designed to support learning from home with the help of some famous faces. These are great to re-visit and watch during school holidays with episodes featuring musician Guy Sebastian, Gardening Australian host Costa Georgiadis, filmmaker Gracie Otto, former high court judge Michael Kirby and many more!

Watch the videos at NSW Education Live.

Space and science

Get your child fascinated with science outside of the classroom by accessing these resources during the school holidays:

Virtual trip to the museum

Just like zoos, museums around the world have had to close their doors due during the pandemic. However, this has given people the unique opportunity to see everything inside them from the comfort of our own homes. From island research stations to the most famous art museums in the world, here are some virtual tours to keep your children busy this school holiday:

Theatre performances

Got any fans of theatre, acting or classic stories in your home? Then these are the perfect platforms for them to watch performances during the schools holidays:

It's music time

Here are some activities for the musicians in your family - or if you’re looking for something different to do, mix it up with one of the following programs:

  • Tiny Desk from NPR: Live stream musicians into your home and have your very own concert.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba: This platform offers clips from the popular TV show featuring performances by musicians aimed to entertain your younger children.
  • Classical Kids: Introduce your child to classical music through resources on this platform.
  • Exploratorium - The Science of Music: Explore the science of music through online exhibits, movies, and questions.

Fun educational platforms

If you’re looking for specific activities in your child's favourite subject or a subject they'd like to develop their skills in, here are a collection of educational platforms that can help:

  • The department's Digital Learning Packs: These have been compiled to help your child learn remotely, but they work just as well for school holiday activities.
  • The Kids Should See This: A platform offering short educational videos on every subject from science to art.
  • Kids World Travel Guide: If you have an avid explorer in your home, this platform can teach them about the world and it’s countries.
  • National Geographic Kids: Keep your child learning with a variety of content from National Geographic, specifically created for kids.
  • Aussie artist Ken Done offers free worksheets to help children of all ages explore and have fun with art.

The activities in this list are general suggestions. You will know which activities are best suited to your child and their interests.

Find some more recreational activities and ideas to try in our helpful guide.


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