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Wellbeing articles

Articles and advice to help manage common health and wellbeing issues that arise during a child's schooling.

Safe travel

We encourage all students, parents and carers to be safe travellers on the way to and from school.

Online safety

Helping your child navigate the online world in a healthy and safe way.

Enjoy the school holidays

Here are some ideas on what to do during these school holidays.

What steps do I need to take with the school if my child is at risk of anaphylaxis

Work with your school to ensure the safety of your child at risk of anaphylaxis.

Supporting children with diabetes at school

Ensure your child with diabetes gets all the support they need in NSW public schools.

How to protect my child at school who has an allergy

This is a guide for parents and carers who want to know how to manage their child’s allergies at school.

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