Starting school resources

Use our starting school resources to help you prepare your child for preschool, Kindergarten and Year 7.


Getting ready for preschool (PDF 2312.2KB) - use our family guide to help you prepare your child for preschool.


Getting ready for primary school (PDF 2832.19KB) - use our Kindergarten booklet with tips and checklists to help you prepare your child for primary school.

Daisy's First Day (PDF 5650.96KB) - read our book with your child about Daisy the koala on her first day at primary school.

Year 7

Getting ready for high school (PDF 1275.06KB) - use our high school booklet to prepare your child for Year 7.

Printed copies

Printed copies of these resources are posted to schools each year. For schools looking to order additional copies, visit Starting school resources (staff only).

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