Browse testimonials from parents and school staff about their experience using online school enrolment

"I think this form is superbly easy and saves lots of time. It’s a very easy form to fill in. I am very happy that I have completed my son’s application form in a few minutes."

"Quite convenient to be able to do it on the phone"

"Really like having the option for a preferred name – really loved that option. It’s great for people with long names & in a multicultural school. I have never ever seen this on a form before"

"Really, really good. Straight forward so much better than paper. Love there’s an option to save & come back"

"The system is user friendly and I expect there will constantly be improvements as it evolves, but I’m sure other schools will embrace this new system and appreciate it as much as we do."

"It’s been awesome, something that we needed and it will only get better."

"Saves time with data entry...."

"I like the process, it’s quick and easy to follow. I like this process much better"

"…makes it easier and quicker"

"Not having to input all the enrolment information into ERN & trying to read handwriting makes it so much simpler"

"Very easy to flow through"

"Receiving really good feedback from parents – they’re really enjoying it"



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