Learning to read

Teachers talk about how you can help your child learn to read – and love to read.

At a glance

  • Read to your child often.
  • Let them look at the pictures to help figure out the story.
  • Encourage them to sound out the words.
  • Don't jump in and tell them – let them try to figure it out.
  • Practise sight words such as: the, where, who, why, there, one.
  • Pause, prompt, praise.
  • Praise for trying gives kids confidence to have a go.
  • Practise – learning to read requires repetition.
  • Try to find books about subjects your child is interested in.
  • Be patient – reading takes time to master.
  • Reading should be enjoyable time together – try not to get anxious about it.

Video – 'Learning to read'

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