Cut it out

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia. Suitable for ages 6-8.

Old magazines and newspapers are a great resource for developing your child's literacy and numeracy skills. Instead of putting them straight into the recycling, give your child some (safety) scissors and see if they want to :

  • cut out different examples of a single letter, or colour, or shape
    I wonder how many different 'a's you can find?
    Look at all the triangles you've found – big ones, little ones, wide ones, narrow ones!
    Wow, that's a lot of different shades of blue. Did you know that some blues have special names, like turquoise, navy and teal?
  • cut out letters and arrange them into new words
    Can you cut out letters to make the names of everyone in the family?
  • cut out words and arrange them into new sentences
    Why don't you cut out words to make a special message for Daddy? He's coming home from his big trip tomorrow.
  • cut out shapes and arrange them into pictures or patterns
    I wonder if you can make a picture of a rocket with the shapes you've cut out!
    Let's cut up these two pictures and make a patterned border for your card – red, yellow, red, yellow, red...

We’ve borrowed this content from Learning Potential with their permission. You can find the original article here. Check out more of their full range of practical support, tools and tips here.

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