Nurturing the artist in your child

Art teaches children how to view their world from different perspectives. It stimulates them visually and encourages problem solving, self-expression, imagination and creativity. Art appreciation is a valuable tool for life that you can help inspire in your child.

Keep art supplies in the house

Allow your child to explore their own creativity by making an art box with colourful textas, crayons, pens and paints, plus lots of scribbling paper. This will allow them to get creative when the mood takes them. Praise them on their artworks and display them around the house.

Principles of art

Talk about shape, colour, size, line, design, tone and texture of everyday items.

Discuss illustrations in books

When you are reading with your child, talk about the illustrations in the book. Ask your child to talk about the pictures and how they relate to the story, or how they make them feel.

Expose your child to more art

Your child will love spending time looking at the pictures of artworks and discuss ing the artist’s technique, colours and textures. Talk about the story the art is telling. Many cultural institutions provide tours, activities or rooms specifically designed for children.

Take a virtual tour of the Louvre here.

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