'Are you ready' video transcript

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Dad enters kids’ bedroom as they wake up.

Dad: First day of school. Are you ready?

Daughter: Yep!

Dad preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Phone sitting on kitchen table gets an alert. It reads:

NSW Education Parent App. Just now.
First day of school!

Dad yells out to daughter: Are you ready?

Daughter brushing her teeth: Yep!

Dad and daughter pack lunchbox.

In the front yard, dad readies the camera, taking a photo of his daughters.

Dad: Are you ready? Cheese!

Daughters: Cheese!

Three boys at a bus stop waiting for the school bus.

The school bus arrives and they get in.

A Year 12 student sits in the car in his driveway, L plates on.

He yells out to his mum.

Son: Mum, are you ready?

Mum runs out to the car and gets in.

Mum: I'm ready! I'm ready. I'm ready.

The car drives off.

The school bus arrives at school. The three boys get out.

One of the boys is hesitant. Another boy turns around and says:

Student: You ready, Travis?

Travis: Yeah, I'm ready.

Travis exits the school bus and the three boys walk through the school entrance.

The Year 12 student parks at school. He gets out of the car and calls to his friends.

Student: Hey guys, wait up!

Mum: See ya mate.

Student catches up with his friends and walks into school.

Dad and daughter walk into the school playground.

Dad kneels down and daughter gives him a big hug.

Daughter: Are you ready?

Dad: Yeah.

Teacher: Time to go to class!

Daughter turns and runs to teacher and classroom as dad looks on.

[Text on screen]

Are you ready?



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