Transcript for #Ready2020 – Kindergarten

This is the audio-described transcript for the video #Ready2020 - Kindergarten.

A bird’s eye view of a beachside suburb.

A phone alarm in a dark bedroom – First day of Kindy!!!!!

Mum goes to her daughter’s bedroom. She pulls back the bed covers. The girl is already in her school uniform. She even has her shoes on! Mum smiles.

The girl pokes her head out of the bathroom to show she’s done her hair herself –hair clips holding back her fringe. She gives Dad a toothy grin.

Back in the kitchen, Mum opens a pink lunchbox. She takes out toys and replaces them with a healthy lunch.

Mum takes a photo of her daughter with a toy rabbit and backpack in front of their house.

People walk through the school gates.

Mum and daughter walk into the classroom holding hands. A group of Kindergarten kids play on the floor.

The girl looks uncertain then a little excited as she lets go of Mum’s hand and walks into the classroom.

Mum watches her go and waves goodbye as the girl plays with the other kids.

Back home, Mum looks at pictures of her daughter on her phone. She’s smiling but teary. There’s that photo from this morning.

More photos of different kids on their first day.

[On screen text]

Be #Ready2020.

End of transcript.

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