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Is your child starting kindy this year? #FirstDay2019

Nyree Cameron, Revesby Public School

Some advice for kindergarten parents with their children starting in school is really to make sure they're ready. So make sure that they know how to open their lunchbox by themselves. Make sure that they've done a lot of social things.

If they don't go to preschool make sure they're doing different things like playing sport or dancing just so they can form those social skills as well. Make sure that you're talking to them, you're counting with them, you've taken them to the beach and shown them the shells.

Just giving those life experiences before they start school so they come with a lot of that background knowledge and then they can really contribute to the lessons. If they know how to write their name and the numbers that's great as well but it's really having those life skills and those social skills before they start that's really important.


You can never be too ready for your #FirstDay2019.


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