Preparing at home for primary school

There are a number of things to plan and organise before school starts

Budgeting for new costs

Schools usually provide most things Kindergarten students will use in the classroom, but starting school may require new items such as uniforms and school shoes. It may be helpful to check with your school so you can budget for the items your child will need.


Your child’s school will tell you about the school uniform items and where to buy them. There is usually a summer, a winter and a sports uniform. The school can tell you which shops supply the uniform or the material to make it, and many schools run a clothing pool where uniform items are donated after children have outgrown them.

Financial contributions

Schools may ask you for a voluntary contribution to enhance educational and sporting programs. You may be asked to pay for excursions to enhance your child’s classroom learning.

Financial assistance

If you are having any difficulty with the costs of schooling, you can make an appointment with the principal to discuss your situation. You may be eligible for financial assistance.

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