Information you need to give your school

Create a folder of important information you need to provide your school before your child starts Kindergarten.

Image: Your child's school will need to know some important information about them to ensure they are happy and safe.

Record immunisation status

Provide information about your child's immunisation status. Your child will be coming into contact with lots of other children, and infections can spread easily.

You need to present immunisation records for Kindergarten enrolment. Under the Public Health (Amendment) Act 1992, children who have not been immunised may be sent home during an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.

Share medical information

Give information about your child to the school – especially medical and additional learning and support needs. You know your child best. Your child's Kindergarten teacher will have many students to get to know.

Help the teacher understand your child better and faster by sharing information and insights.

Provide emergency contacts

Provide emergency contact numbers. The school might need to contact you urgently. Provide alternative numbers and contacts in case the school is unable to contact you.

Share your family situation

Let the school know about any special family circumstances so they can support your child if necessary. Any changes to your child's family situation can affect their emotional and academic wellbeing. A change in circumstances may result from the birth of a sibling, divorce or the death of a loved one.

Additional support

If your child has additional wellbeing or learning and support needs, request a meeting with your child's school teacher or principal before or after they start Kindy to discuss:

  • your child's diagnosis (if they have one)
  • requests for an interpreter
  • information about your child's strengths, interests and needs.
For more information, visit Meeting the school. You can also learn about the wellbeing support services available in your child's primary school.

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Schools usually provide most things Kindergarten students will use in the classroom, but your child may need additional items such as new uniforms. Learn more about budgeting for back to school costs.


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