Learning and activities at primary school

Find out what your child will learn in primary school.

Most time in Kindergarten is spent developing children’s literacy and numeracy skills.

There are 6 key learning areas studied throughout primary school:

  • creative arts
  • English
  • human society and its environment (HSIE)
  • mathematics
  • personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)
  • science and technology.

You can find more information about what your child will study on the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

We’ve prepared some activities in our Getting ready for school (PDF 2832.19KB) booklet to help your child practise some of the things they’ll learn in school. These include:

  • NSW Foundation Style writing guide
    • You can do this NSW Foundation Style writing guide activity with your child before they start school. Your child does not need any specific skills before they start Kindergarten.
  • Making an alphabet book
    • Finding, cutting and pasting magazine pictures.
    • Help your child learn their beginning sounds by making an alphabet book.
  • Matching numbers to groups (1 to 10)
    • Children learn to make collections and match these to numbers 1 to 10 early in Kindergarten.
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