Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment helps teachers identify the literacy and numeracy skills of each child.

What is Best Start?

Teachers gather and analyse information about what children know, can do and understand in literacy and numeracy.

Best Start:

  • provides important information that supports teachers in meeting children's individual learning needs
  • assists teachers to monitor children's learning
  • provides you with feedback on what your child can do and how you can best support your child's learning.

Best Start is one component of a NSW Government initiative to increase literacy and numeracy learning support in the early years of schooling.

Learning about each child

Best Start takes place in the classroom in Term 1.

The assessment begins with the teacher interviewing each child. Children complete most tasks individually with the teacher, though some tasks may take place in small groups.

The teacher will observe and record the child's responses.

Teachers learn about each child's school entry skills and understandings in Literacy and Numeracy. They are able to plan effective teaching and learning programs in line with the NSW K-6 Syllabus.

The school may send you a feedback report of your child's responses in Best Start. You will receive feedback about how to support your child during the first year of school.

If you don't want your child to participate in the assessment, please contact your school.

Does my child need to prepare for Best Start?

Best Start is not a test. No preparation is required and children do not pass or fail.

The teacher will work with each child on literacy and numeracy tasks to gain a starting point for planning effective teaching and learning activities.

More information

Please contact your school if you have any questions regarding the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment.

Telephone Interpreter Service

If you need an interpreter to assist you to contact the school, call the Telephone Interpreter Service on 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language. The interpreter will call the school and will stay on the line to assist with the conversation. You will not be charged for this service.

You will receive information about Best Start when you enrol in your local public school.

For information in language refer to the Letters to parents and carers and Parent and carer information sheet.

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