Supporting your child’s learning

Children learn best when parents and teachers work together. You know your child better than anyone else, so you can help the teacher understand your child by sharing information about their interests and any additional needs.

Ways to support your child at preschool

  • Find out as much as you can about the preschool, such as the routines and what your child needs to bring to preschool.
  • Get involved in your child’s preschool, such as volunteering as a helper.
  • Talk with preschool staff about activities you can do with your child at home, such as reading with your child.
  • Talk with staff about your child’s learning.
  • Talk with your child each day about what they did at preschool.
  • Connect with other parents on Facebook and Twitter.

A good start

A nutritious breakfast will help set your child up to have the best day possible at preschool. It will help them to concentrate and give them energy to play. It will also help them develop good eating patterns for the rest of their life.

A good night’s sleep

Children need a good sleep each night to be able to cope with the adventures and fun of preschool. A good sleep will help your child to:

  • pay attention and concentrate
  • problem solve and think of new ideas
  • play sensibly and enjoy their day.

Getting ready for big school

Your child’s preschool will support you and your child in getting ready for school.

Preschools and schools often run a transition to school program, which will give you handy information and tips about their first big day at Kindergarten and help you to become familiar with the exciting things school life offers.

Being involved in your child’s schooling will help them to have a successful start to the rest of their learning journey

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