Learning at preschool

Your child’s learning at preschool will build on what you have taught them at home.

Children learn through play. Your child’s interests will direct the learning experiences the teacher plans for your child through play.

Through these learning experiences, your child will explore and experiment. They will develop their skills in solving problems, communicating and socialising. They will also develop self-esteem, confidence and the foundations for their formal learning.

The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia guides the learning program in preschool.

Preschool activities for learning

  • Puzzles and playing with blocks
  • Painting, drawing, cutting and pasting
  • Reading books and listening to stories
  • Talking and listening
  • Dressing up and playing in the ‘home corner’ or cubby house
  • Listening to and playing music
  • Dancing and drama
  • Climbing on equipment, balancing, running and jumping
  • Using computers
  • Playing with clay, play dough, sand and water



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