Homework and studying

Once your child is in high school, regular study becomes important. Study time is completely different to doing set homework.

What's the difference between homework and studying?

Homework will vary in amount and type because of the number of teachers and subjects each day. Most students will need to do some homework every night. It might be a review of the day's lesson, completion of exercises or starting an assignment that is due later on.

Study time is different from homework. During study time, students should go over the day's work, read their textbooks or notes, create summaries and try to increase their understanding of concepts covered in class.

Students in high school should regularly review work covered in class, summarise key ideas and do additional reading and research on topics, as well as practise tasks such as essays and maths problems.

Suggestions for effective studies

There is no one ‘best’ way to study. Students often find different methods and times to study to suit themselves.

The key is regular study, not cramming before a test or exam.

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Some students will prefer scheduling homework and setting reminders on their phone or device, but you'll still need to check your child is keeping up with their homework and study each week.

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