Learning in Years 7 and 8

Find out what your child will learn in their early high school years.

Year 7 students participate in a variety of familiar and new subjects taught by subject specialists. All Year 7 students attend English, mathematics, science, personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) lessons and planned physical activity.

In addition, technology mandatory, music, visual arts, geography, history and a language are taught in Years 7 and/or 8.

Key learning areas


Students develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the English language and learn how to become effective communicators through the exploration and creation of written, spoken and visual texts.


Students develop knowledge, skills and dispositions to become confident users and communicators of mathematics in the world around them.


Students learn about the natural and made worlds and how to apply scientific skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of contexts.

Creative arts - music and visual arts

Students discover a variety of art forms through the study of music and visual arts where they learn to appreciate, make and perform.

Human society and its environment (HSIE)

Students explore varied subjects in human society and its environment (HSIE) to learn about history, geography, people, societies and culture.


Students develop communication skills, learn about languages as systems and explore the relationship between language and culture

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)

Students explore issues of health, safety and wellbeing. Students also participate in challenging and enjoyable physical activity, improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence.

Technology mandatory

Students use a range of tools, materials and techniques in the design process and technological experiences through theory and practical lessons

Planned physical activity

Students participate in 2-3 hours of planned physical activity each week. This might be integrated into other lessons.

Curriculum resources

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