Immunisation and enrolment changes

Due to an amendment to the Public Health Act, record-keeping requirements for childhood immunisation have been extended to high schools.

Immunisation status

Enrolment procedures around students’ immunisation status are already in place in primary schools. The legislative change makes it necessary for all public high schools to collect information about immunisation status for students enrolling for the first time in a NSW public school.

For students transitioning or transferring from a public primary or high school

No new actions are necessary - the required information already exists and these students’ ERN records and Pupil Record Cards already contain the required information.

For students enrolling in a NSW public school for the first time

Parents will be asked for a student’s immunisation history statement during enrolment.

Reporting preventable disease

All schools will continue to notify the local public health unit if a student has a vaccine preventable disease.

Enrolment application change

To assist secondary schools to ensure this legal responsibility can be met, the enrolment application form has been amended.

The changes are in response to an increased incidence of some vaccine preventable diseases, such as measles in secondary school aged children.

You will find more information on immunisation in our Student wellbeing section.

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