Getting ready for high school checklist

Share these handy checklists with your teen as they embark on their high school journey.

With lots to do as your teen graduates primary school and begins preparing for high school, refer to these helpful checklists so your teen is organised for their first day of Year 7.

Before the end of primary school

  • Participate in any transition to high school program available.
  • Watch videos about high school at
  • Break in school shoes to make them more comfortable.
  • Practise travelling to and from school using your new transport or travel route. If you're catching public transport, you'll need to know how to check a timetable.
  • Apply for a school Opal card if needed. Go to or phone 131 500.
  • Label everything you will be taking to school.

At high school orientation

  • Find out about school uniforms (including sports uniforms) – where and when to buy them.
  • Get a map of the school to identify buildings, entry points and bike racks.
  • Note school start and finish times.
  • Get details on programs the school offers.
  • Make a list of book packs and school supplies.
  • Meet the Year 7 adviser.
  • Find out whether you’ll need a device such as a laptop.
  • Find out the school’s position on mobile phones.

Before term starts

  • Set up a quiet work area and extra stationery supplies.
  • Organise personal hygiene items in your school bag.
  • Discuss what you will do before and after school, and when you need to be home, including any emergency and safety issues.
  • Discuss the dangers of being distracted when crossing the road or riding a bike – including talking on the phone, texting or using headphones.
  • Work out a backup plan in case your travel routes change or you miss your transport.
  • Pack a healthy lunch or choose healthy choices if your school has
  • a canteen.
  • Set your alarm so you can get ready on time.

Once school starts

  • Print or photocopy school timetables to place in school diaries, inside locker doors and on the fridge.
  • Note all assignments, homework and events in your diary.
  • Check through the timetable each night while packing your bag.
  • Remember to eat healthy food and get a good night’s sleep.
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