Transcript for Back to school 2019: First day of high school

Audio and transcript for Back to school 2019: First day of high school video.

Arial shot of rural property.

Father opens the door to his children's bedroom door.

One son (Liam) is up and ready for the first day of school while the other son (Joel) is still in bed.

[Acoustic mellow folk music]

Liam says to his dad "he's just nervous" as he slips past his dad in the door way.

Dad gives a caring look towards Joel then walks over, notices an open sketch pad next to Joel's bed which has the words "First Day" written in large letters with a big circle around them.

Dad "gives a fatherly tap on Joels arm and says "You'll be right".

Joel looks nervous.

Dan walks both of his sons to school as an excited Liam talks enthusiastically about all the things he's going to do at school.

Joel reads his notebook/sketch pad and is pensive.

Liam takes a selfie of both him and Joel then takes the sketch pad out of his brothers hands and gives it to his dad as both sons leave their father at the school entrance.

[camera snaps]

Dad - "Hey".

Joel does not answer but runs into school with his brother (Liam).

School kids are playing down ball in the school grounds.

Joel takes his sketch pad out of his bag and opens to a page which has a message from his dad in pencil.

We see the note as a voiceover reads the message

[Voiceover Dad's voice reading note that he has written in Joel's sketch pad]

"You and I might not always know what to say, but we always know what to do. You'll be all right, and if you're not, I'm here."

School bell rings.

Liam - "Come on, Joel."

Shot of dad looking and smiling at at the "selfie" photo that Liam had just taken of him and his brother Joel.

Screen fills up with images of other children who have had photos taken of them on their first day of school

Large text appears on the screen - "Be ready for the first day of the rest of your life." #FirstDay2019 Visit

End of transcript

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