Transcript for Back to School: Last year of high school

Audio description and transcript for Back to school: Last year of high school video.

[Loud music]

Angel, a HSC student sits on her bed with laptop trying to study. She seems stressed.  A calendar reminder pops up on her screen reminding her about a 'First Day Speech' she has to give.

Angel's younger sister boisterously bursts into the room and proceeds to ump around in a very distracting manner.

Angel:  "Not now, okay?"

Angel:  "Please stop".

Angel's dad walks into the room.

Dad, to younger sister: "Hey, get out of here!".

Dad: Uh, Angel, do you have a second?

Angel: Not now, Dad, okay?

Angel walks out of the room clearly stressed and having a hard time not being able to study in peace and quiet.

Dad: Angel? It's important.

Angel is trying to study at the kitchen bench when her brother (Wolfgang) spills his milk across Angle's school papers.

Angel: "Wolfgang!"

Angel is now sitting on the washing machine in the laundry trying to study without distraction.

[door knocking]

Dad opens the door.

Dad: Angel, I have something to show you".

Angel follows her dad out into the garage. There is uplifting music, and we discover that Angel's dad has created a study space for Angel, complete with wooden desk, stationary, plants, decorations, a lamp, and a huge hand made poster hanging above the desk which reads "Good luck for your year 12 Angel!".

Angel is clearly overjoyed by her fathers kind gesture and hugs her father who is very happy that Angel appreciates the gesture. The heads of Angel's younger siblings appear one by one around the door frame as they look on secretly.

Angel's dad takes a photo on his phone of Angel sitting at her new desk.

We now cut to the near future where Angel is receiving an enthusiastic applause for a speech she has just delivered to her entire school.

An image of Angel's smiling face fills the screen and then other images of other HSC students begin to appear until the screen is filled with many inspiring imagaes.

Text appears on the screen that reads: Get ready for the first day of the rest of your life.

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