Support and advocacy for parents

We are focused on designing and delivering high quality experiences that put our students’ and parents’ diverse needs at the centre of decision-making.

We are undertaking a number of initiatives focused on advocacy and support for parents.

Implementing the parent and carer engagement framework

The Parent and Carer Engagement Framework provides a vision and principles for effective engagement. This will provide a foundation to build on existing practices and develop strategies to achieve our vision.

Establishing better access for parents to advocacy and support

We are exploring options to deliver more accessible, equitable and inclusive advocacy to support parents and schools to resolve complex issues. This includes partnering with the Department of Communities and Justice to support advocacy for families of students with a disability.

Establishing access to alternative dispute resolution

We are building a student and parent-centric complaints function which includes establishing an independent alternate dispute resolution process for matters that require it.

Resources and support for parents and carers

There are a range of resources available to support parents and carers including learning and wellbeing resources, study skills and support for students with additional needs.


  • Parents and carers

Business Unit:

  • Communication and Engagement
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