Research and evidence base

Research shows that engaging parents and carers in their child’s education at school leads to better educational and wellbeing outcomes.

We reviewed over 80 policies, research papers,​ resources, publications, toolkits​ and strategies for this space from other states of Australia, and other countries​, showing the link between parent and carer engagement and their child’s educational and wellbeing outcomes. ​

The Parent and Carer engagement framework brings together findings from a comprehensive secondary research review and primary research undertaken with parents and carers.


Listed below is a small selection of helpful resources from our research pointing to the value of parent and carer engagement.

Parent and family engagement – an implementation guide for school communities(2020)

Australian Institute of Family Studies – Parents’ involvement in their children’s education (2008, PDF)

The big lockdown learning parent survey (2021)

Trajectories of parental involvement in home learning activities across the early years: associations with socio-demographic characteristics and children’s learning outcomes (2016)

Evidence for Learning. Parent Engagement: Moderate impact for very low cost based on extensive evidence

Education Endowment Foundation. Working with Parents to Support Children’s Learning – Guidance Report. (2018)


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