Principles in practice

The department is embedding the principles of the parent and carer engagement framework in the way it works – below are some examples that demonstrate these principles in action. These system led initiatives complement and support schools in their engagement with parents and communities.

Discover some of the ways our principles are already in practice:

Principle: Give me access

We’re supporting our parents and carer to participate in their child’s education

Learning from home resources

A range of resources, timetables, up-to-date advice and guidance is readily available on the 'Parent and carers' site. Visit our Parent and Carers website.

Also available for parents and carers are our digital learning packs, filled with easy-to-use activities for parents and carers to support their child. Resources are available for Early Childhood Learning, Primary and Secondary School. Check out the Digital Learning Packs.

Digital Citizenship

Our Digital Citizenship website provides access to advice and guidance on how to support the wellbeing of young people in a digital environment, with articles and tools to help minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities of our digital future. Visit our Digital Citizenship website.

Principle: Communicate with me openly

We’re making it easier for parents and carers to understand more about their child’s education.

Reporting to Parents

Our reporting to parent website is filled with resources and information to support the feedback on progress given to parents and advice on our policies. Find out more on our reporting to parents.

Interpreting and translations

Interpreting and translation services are available to support parents and carers who do not speak or understand English well, the deaf or hearing impaired and those with a speech impairment. Find out more about interpreting and translation services.

Principle: Partner with me

We’re partnering with parents and carers to help support their child’s learning and wellbeing goals.

Rural and Remote Education

The Rural and Remote Education Strategy has been formed to respond to the specific needs of regional, rural and remote students and parents. Support and resource are made available through Rural and remote education services. Find out more about Rural and Remote Education.

Mathematics resources

The Everyday Math Hub is an online resource with content curated by NSW Department of Education primary and secondary mathematics teachers, designed to help parents and carers engage positively with your children about mathematics through everyday activities. Check out the Everyday Maths resources.

Principle: Understand my situation

We’re responding to the needs of our learners by understanding and taking action

Aboriginal Outcomes and Partnerships

The NSW Department of Education has a range of policies, staff training and key documents supporting the improved educational outcomes of Aboriginal students in NSW public schools and the ongoing outcomes and partnership for Aboriginal students, parents and carers. Visit Aboriginal Outcomes and Partnerships.

Transition to school: Digital statement

The Transition to School Statement was developed to provide valuable information about individual children to support and enhance their transition to school. The digitalized version of the statement enables information to be shared directly with a child’s school to support continuity of learning for each child. Find out more about the Transition to School Digital Statement.

Principle: Guide my choices

We’re providing support to parents and carers to make key decisions to support their child’s education.

Finding quality early childhood education

Resources and tips are available to parents and carers to help make an informed decision when choosing a quality early childhood education provider. Find out more about choosing a quality service.

High Performing Students Program

Easy to use resources are available for parents and carers in exploring their child’s options for Opportunity Class or Selective High Schools. The resources include information on how to prepare for the placement tests, how to choose school preferences, benefits of selective education and even myths about selective education. Find out more about selective high schools and opportunity classes.

The department is committed to the continual strengthening of the great work underway to support engagement with our parents and carers for the benefit of student outcomes.

The framework complements the School Excellence Framework (PDF), describing the key elements of high quality practice, and the School Community Charter that informs parents and carers on how to engage with NSW public schools.


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