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TV presenter, producer and a content creator Teigan Nash chats with Year 12 students before the HSC.


Teigan Nash

Hey guys, I'm Teigan Nash, I'm a TV presenter, producer and a content creator, and I am so excited to be here today to have a little chat with you guys. Now, I just wanted to first start off by talking a little bit about sort of how I got into the position that I'm in today.

So I was a performer when I was at school, and dancing and performing and, you know, being on the stage was something that I absolutely loved to do, I did it since I was four years old. And then sort of as I got to the end of my schooling career, I was, you know, everyone was going to uni, and or they were going to do full time dance or, you know, joining an acting school, and I sort of was sitting there and I felt super overwhelmed, and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew that I loved performing, I knew that that was my passion and that was something that I wanted to continue to do. But I sort of didn't know which sort of avenue to take. So I decided to take a year, I know that there's a lot of Year 12s watching this who are coming to the end of their schooling lives and, you know, it can be quite daunting. But it's okay to not know what you want to do straightaway.

So I took like a year and I ended up working at Disneyland in Hong Kong and it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I was living overseas, I had to sort of fend for myself and I was still performing, I still had that passion and I was still, you know, I'm still sort of on that same purpose. And then I finished that, came back, and I tried lots of different things and not everything was right in the beginning, but you learn from every single experience. So I worked in retail, so I learnt like managerial skills and you know, I worked in an ice cream like I worked in so many different jobs and, this is my dog Duke by the way, Duke do say hi to everyone. And then I finally was picked up by a small online company and I was doing a little bit of modeling for them. And modeling just again, it wasn't my thing. I was told that I smile too much, or I had too much personality, and so they actually pulled me aside and they said, "We'd love to train you to be a presenter. "Is that something that you've ever thought about before?" It was nothing that I'd thought about before, but it was still very much aligned with what I wanted to do. I still wanted to perform, I wanted to, you know, and I was like, this sounds like a great opportunity because I love chatting to people. And so they picked me up and they sort of trained me to be a presenter, which was so much fun. And so we'd go to different events, and I'd interview different people and it was phenomenal, and such a great way to learn. And then from there, that's when I realized, okay, now this is what I wanted to do. So it didn't really like click straightaway and it took me a while to sort of try lots of different things. But I think that that's important and you know, that's okay. There's a lady in the States, her name's Iris, and she's like in her 90s now. She didn't find her purpose until she was in her 80s. So I mean, you know, you don't need to wait that long but, you know, there's no time limit really.

And so, since I was trained by this small fashion company then I ended up working with Hi-5, so I was their swing. I wasn't physically like a swing on stage. So I swung in when one of them got sick and did the show and then after that I worked on Saturday Disney, which was probably my dream job because it was something that I grew up watching and I absolutely adored Shelley Craft, still do, I think she's amazing. But yeah, so it was sort of like such a surreal thing to work on. I worked on that show for about four years and then have gone on to do so much so many like, I've had so many fun opportunities, I've traveled with GoPro, Tourism Australia, I've worked with Hoyts and have done all their red carpet interviews and something that I am super passionate about is a company that I actually started with one of my really good friends Liv Phyland, and it's called Girls Who Glow.

So Girls Who Glow came about from so Liv worked in kids TV and so did I. So she was on ABC3, and I was on Saturday Disney and what we found was that we were both receiving messages from teenage girls asking for help. From, you know, what do we eat? How do we exercise? How do we study for exams? How do we manage stress, anxiety, mental health problems? Like there was just such a broad sort of range of topics. And so we were both getting these questions separately and we met and we just started talking about it and we thought, what can we do collectively, to help? Liv had studied psychology and nutrition and I had also studied nutrition as well. So we were like, why don't we combine our passions, our studies and our contacts in the media and create a workshop where we can help young girls and guys as well live their happiest healthiest and very best lives. And so Girls Who Glow was created, and, you know, we talk about so many different topics at the workshop, and we have some incredible guest speakers come as well. So the topics we cover is nutrition, exercise, social media, body image, mental health, relationships, goal setting, and gratitude. And our guest speakers, you know, we've got actresses, you know, influential people, psychologists, and nutritionists, personal trainers. It's such a broad range of people, but everyone, what is beautiful is that everyone is so willing and open to be honest and share their stories and have that vulnerability. Because I think that what's important is that everyone needs to know that you're not alone and you're not going through anything ever by yourself. There is always someone who can help and that's why we wanted to create this safe space for people to come and, you know, find a little more glow in their life.

And so we've traveled all around Australia, obviously, right now during COVID times, we can't put on a physical workshop so we have been putting on loads of online webinars, which have been really amazing and having some awesome guests come and talk as well. And so I wanted to talk a little bit now about high school. HSC, finishing school, exams, crazy stress. You know, I was actually at a school the other day and I was chatting to a couple of the Year 12 students and, you know, we were talking about sort of their career paths, and everyone had written down their purpose. And I think that this is a really sort of beautiful idea because it sort of gets you really thinking about, "Okay, this is what I'm passionate about, "this is what I love doing, how do I "and what are the steps that I can do to get there?"

And I think that if I was in Year 12, I would have loved to have done this exercise. So if you're watching this, I want you to grab a piece of paper, and I want you to write down something that you're passionate about. It could be absolutely anything. Could be, you know, you're passionate about the environment, or you're passionate about travel, you want to work in film and television, you want to be a vet, it could be absolutely anything. So with your purpose or your passion, you know, things are going to change. So I don't think that everything that you've got written down, you need to follow very rigidly. It's okay to sort of go with the flow and let sort of life take you on different directions and you know, different adventures as well. You're going to try so many new things and I think that that's important. I think just go into everything with an open mind and be really open to, you know, whatever sort of opportunities come your way. And then I think things will just fall into place. It can be an extremely stressful time right now. You know, just with so many things happening locally here, nationally, and then also globally, it's been a really sort of interesting year to navigate and I think that whether you're in the classroom right now, or you're, you know, still homeschooling, I think that there are ways that we can really help to manage our stress.

And so I want to talk about three different things that we can do. I know that and I think back to when I was at school and you know, exam times and everyone would be like really cramming, staying up late, drinking like energy drinks, and these things are really not going to help you in any sort of exam situation. I think it's the first point that I really want to talk about is nourishing your bodies. It's so important to be putting wholesome, like really good foods that are going to make you ultimately glow. And so I think getting in the kitchen and cooking and you know, eating like a rainbow of different colors of foods, you know, I think health and nutrition you can't just eat one thing for the rest of your life and be like, "Yep sweet, I'm gonna eat kale forever "and I'm gonna be healthy, healthy and happy." You need to really have a variety of foods and foods that are going to sort of really make your brain work better as well. So lots of like good fatty oils like you know, your avocados, you're nut nuts are so fantastic, lots of protein, carbs as well for energy and then also lots of leafy greens, they are so incredible for your health. And it's going to be a lot more sustainable as well if you're eating those sorts of foods, rather than having that quick little sugar hit or that, you know, that energy drink or something. You know, use wholesome foods. If you are feeling tired, like make yourself a smoothie or something, put loads of stuff in it, put your cacao in it, maca powder, you know that stuff is going to like really boost your mood, and it's going to help you concentrate for longer rather than that quick, short sugar burst. So that is my first tip for managing stress, nourish your body. The second one would be exercise. Exercise for me is so important. And you know, during this pandemic, I have really gotten into running. I actually posted a video the other day on my Instagram and it was a few little running tips. But for me running is like such a release. If I'm feeling a little bit anxious or stressed, or I've got all this like pent up sort of like energy. If I go for a run, it's like that full release, you know, good endorphins are being released into your body as well and it's actually going to really help you clear your mind. So it might not be running for you, it could be yoga, it could be you know, going to the gym and doing a class. Like I used to love like BodyAttack or like Zumba or something, doing something fun, doing something that you love to do. It could be going out and going for a swim. I know that it is freezing here in Sydney right now. But jumping in the water, you know, that's so exhilarating. And so I think making time to exercise is so important right now and it's going to help you really like sort of relax, and in turn, it will help you focus when exams come around. And the third thing would be to meditate or to go out, you know, if meditation is not your thing, go out and do something that really makes you happy. So what I like to do is think back to times where, you know, I am so happy or I'm having such a great time. You know, it could be anything, it could be playing with your dog. Duke, hey! It could be, you know, that playing with Duke makes me so happy. So I could run outside and run around with him for a little bit, and then I'm like, "Oh, yes!" Immediately, I'm in a good mood. So meditation is a great way for us to get grounded and to really clear our minds. I know that during exams things, you know, in our heads are just so busy and so messy and there's so many people saying different things, or they might have certain expectations of you, and I think that, you know, really like to be happy within yourself, and to get grounded, meditation is an awesome way to do that, and just to focus as well. Sometimes we need that little moment to, you know, to ourselves, especially during this time, to just really just stop, pause, and just reflect on everything. So it could be so simple, I know meditation can be really hard for some people. You could even just like go and if you're something that I find really helps is if you just repeat like a certain mantra, like, you know, it could be anything like, I am worthy, I am worthy and just repeat that over and over again, and then that sort of helps you to really settle, get grounded, get clear, and then you can go back to your studies. But I think it's really important that we take time out for you know, to do all of these things, to make sure that we're nourishing our bodies properly, to make sure that we're exercising and getting outside and, you know, make sure that we're meditating or we're having fun. And, you know, we need to be able to balance the work and the play 'cause both are equally as important.

So good luck to everyone doing their HSC or any exams at the moment, you guys have got this.

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