Warrawong Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Warrawong Public School

School code: 3104

Number of students: 267

Principal: Wayne Farquhar

Director Educational Leadership: Bill Field

Principal Network: Lake Illawarra North

Our funded school initiatives

  • Employment of an Instructional Leader for Years 3-6
  • Employment of an Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer
  • Improving access to technology
  • Implementation of visible learning strategies.

Impact and achievements

  • Regular monitoring of student progress towards outcomes and teachers meet to ensure consistency of judgement.
  • Mechanisms to meet with parents adapted to better meet community needs.
  • All Aboriginal students have an individual learning plan and parents have multiple opportunities to collaborate around their child’s needs.
  • All students 3-6 supplied with a Netbook increasing student engagement and access to the curriculum.
  • Provision resources, such as whiteboards in class, to promote consistent implementation of learning intent.

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