Walcha Central School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Walcha Central School

School code: 3340

Number of students: 252

Principal: Simon Warden

Director Educational Leadership: Pat Cavanagh

Principal Network: Armidale

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Improving student wellbeing K-12.

Impact and achievements

Running Mental Health Week (Term 4 Week 5) for both school and the community. Subsidising school breakfast club, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to have breakfast and be better prepared for learning. Allowing staff to plan wellbeing activities and programs K-12, for example Great Start Great Day (GSGD) which prepares students for learning each day.

Initiative 2

Supplementary staffing.

Impact and achievements

Student advocate coordinates student parliament and promotes student voice, providing students with leadership opportunities. Formation of an extra class in K-6 to cater for the academic needs of our students. Speech therapist works with students to ensure that they have the skills to optimise their learning. Additional School Learning Support Officers to support student learning in the classroom.

Initiative 3

Support learning of Aboriginal students.

Impact and achievements

Support in the classroom and improve retention, learning outcomes and participation through the employment of Aboriginal Education Officer and additional School Learning Support Officer to support Aboriginal students at school.

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