Tighes Hill Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Tighes Hill Public School

School code: 3213

Number of students: 362

Principal: Tony Selwood

Director Educational Leadership: Josie Bailey

Principal Network: Callaghan

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Operation of Kindy Club - employment of teacher 0.2 FTE and SLSO 0.2 FTE.

Impact and achievements

Kindy Club aims to develop dynamic learners who are learning to be independent, confident and self-regulated. The ability to self-regulate includes: following instructions and routines, taking turns in a group and concentrating. Including play in the delivery has allowed students to develop language and social skills as they negotiate with their peers in the process of becoming more aware of others. Communicating during Kindy Club involves students expressing their thoughts and ideas and listening to others in order to solve problems and think critically. The Kindy Club teacher and SLSO play a crucial role in developing these characteristics and play a major role in creating a successful start to school life at Tighes Hill Public School.

Initiative 2

Additional staffing to support literacy, numeracy and wellbeing.

Impact and achievements

Using the additional staffing Tighes Hill PS has been able to embed within literacy and numeracy teaching the common belief that all students are capable of learning if engaged, motivated and given appropriate learning support and opportunities. Teachers closely monitor the progress of individual students and adjust their teaching accordingly. Student performance is continually monitored against the established targets whilst effective practice is shared and supported across the school. 2018 NAPLAN achievement of proficiency bands indicates very solid achievement.

Initiative 3

High level professional learning to support future-focused learning and writing program.

Impact and achievements

Investing in professional learning has been the key to ensuring that Tighes Hill PS becomes a learning community where teachers work together, learn from each other and share best practice on effective teaching and learning. Due to the collective work of teachers and executive we have created a shared professional knowledge that has sustained and secured school improvement (as evidenced above in Proficiency Band achievement 2018 NAPLAN). The extent to which students have developed capacities has directly depended on the quality of teaching they experience at Tighes Hill PS and in turn the quality of professional learning undertaken by all staff not just in future-focused learning and writing but across all curriculum areas.

Initiative 4

Coaching and mentoring through reflective practice to enhance teacher quality.

Impact and achievements

Employing this approach has led to an increase in the rate of professional growth, self-reflection and problem solving capacity for both mentor/coach and the teacher. It has led to an increase in confidence, self-esteem, morale and sense of professional identity.
Opportunities for learning new skills, teaching strategies and communication techniques, including how to engage in rigorous evidence-informed conversations is now common place as a direct result of this practice. Ongoing opportunities for close collaboration, shared challenges and the sense of achievement that come from successfully working through such challenges has been extremely rewarding for all staff learning - including frequent opportunities to talk about teaching and learning, students, strategies and successes as well as challenges.

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