The Forest High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: The Forest High School

School code: 8372

Number of students: 778

Principal: Rosemary McDowall

Director Educational Leadership: Sally Egan

Principal Network: The Forest

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Additional staffing of Learning and Support: the RAM has funded employment of teaching and support staff so students with additional learning needs have access to the learning and support teacher 5 days per week. There are additional school learning and support officers (SLSOs) available to support individuals and groups of students in mainstream classes.

Impact and achievements

All students have access to the curriculum and have the opportunity to achieve syllabus outcomes with additional support and assessment and teaching adjustments and modifications.

Initiative 2

RAM funded head teacher welfare position: in 2018 the school created an internally funded head teacher welfare position. We deemed the position was necessary to support an increasing number of students who suffer from a range of mental health and wellbeing issues.

Impact and achievements

Proactive programs to increase student attendance, address mental health concerns, cyber bullying, respectful relationships and self-esteem. Strong relationships developed with external agencies such as Relationships Australia and a multi-faceted team-based approach to case management of complex cases.

Initiative 3

EAL/D and Aboriginal RAM funding used to provide additional academic support and pastoral care for EAL/D and Aboriginal students.

Impact and achievements

Specialist teachers and support staff provide face-to-face EAL/D and learning support in classrooms. Professional development delivered to all teachers to build their capacity to support EAL/D learners and Aboriginal students in their classrooms. Personal Learning Plans developed for all Aboriginal students. EAL/D roll call class teacher provides pastoral care. Elective for EAL/D students in Year 9 providing additional language support. All students have access to the curriculum and have the opportunity to achieve syllabus outcomes and participate fully in school activities.

Initiative 4

RAM funded student assistance - Families who are experiencing financial difficulties can apply for assistance funding for school and subject fees, uniform, breakfast and lunch, excursions, incursions and extra-curricular activities.

Impact and achievements

All students are able to participate fully in all academic and extra-curricular programs. Students have appropriate uniform and shoes and can access the canteen for breakfast or lunch. No student is excluded from participating in school activities. Improved attendance, learning, social, emotional and health outcomes for students experiencing financial hardship.

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