Tarro Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Tarro Public School

School code: 4263

Number of students: 158

Principal: Kelly O’Shea

Director Educational Leadership: John Millburn

Principal Network: Hunter

Our funded school initiatives

  • RAM funding has been complemented by grant funds to purchase participation in Corwins, Visible Learning Institute.
  • This student centered program sees multiple professional learning opportunities and a clear expectation of data-based collaboration days.
  • All staff have been included with the result benefiting both the EaFS classes and the Years 3-6 classes.

Impact and achievements

  • Demonstrated and measurable improvement in students learning as evidenced by the use of effect size as a tool to measure growth.
  • Evaluations of staff engagement in the collaboration days has demonstrated that the days are highly valued, student focused and intent on improving staff performance and expertise.
  • In 2018 NAPLAN, a positive upward trend for average NAPLAN scores for Year 5 students in Reading, Spelling, Numeracy and Grammar and Punctuation is evident.
  • The percentages of Year 5 students achieving in the top two bands of Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation are the highest since 2014.
  • Value add data is at Sustaining and Growing in the Year 3-5 range.
  • Internal data is showing growth in each focus area.

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