Surveyors Creek Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School code: 4631

Number of students: 568

Principal: Kathy Browne

Director Educational Leadership: Kay Rigas

Principal Network: Penrith

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Expanded learning links and engagement team:

  • employment of 3 School learning support officers (SLSOs)
  • Support teacher learning assistance (STLA) 0.9 FTE
  • EAL/D 0.2 FTE.

Impact and achievements

The SLSOs:

  • support teachers to implement social skills programs, initiate games for students who are at a risk of disengaging and support students who are experiencing social difficulties and assist teachers
  • support student learning in literacy by supporting teachers to implement explicit programs such as MiniLit (and MultiLit as identified in school plan)
  • The SLSOs use data to report on student goals and report results to the STLA and Wellbeing action team.

The impact is that more students are achieving at or beyond grade expectations, and there is a decline in the number of students disengaging in classrooms.

Initiative 2

Focus on literacy and numeracy.

Impact and achievements

  • BIU Strategy - teacher released to take Mathematics Olympiad group and target student in numeracy identified of have the capacity to move into the top two NAPLAN Bands. The impact is that a greater number of students participated in 2018 and more students are in the top 10, 20 and 40 percent bands than in 2017- across Australasia.
  • Purchased all the MultiLit and InitiaLit resources to implement program (MultiLit and MiniLit for K-6 and InitiaLit for Early stage 1).

Initiative 3

Focus on professional 1 for leadership team.

Impact and achievements

  • Whole school ‘Seven steps writing’ program implemented to increase success and consistency in writing across the school
  • GPLA Trauma Conference (8 schools in attendance including the Director, Educational Leadership)
  • Development of a whole school leadership team of 13 members in 2018: 7 substantive executive and 6 through EOI (based on career aspirations and identifying teachers through the lens of the highly accomplished teacher and leadership standards).
  • Tailored professional learning linked to PDPs, whole school PDP goal presentation including school administrative and support staff (SASS).

The impact: milestones in school plans are being met, there is an increase in distributive leadership across the school (13 members in the team), all staff have a shared understanding of their legal and professional obligations as a teacher, and all teachers and SASS are acknowledged for their effort and celebrated at our end of year PDP conference.

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