St Marys Senior High School

Our school context at October 2018

School code: 8870

Number of students: 920

Principal: Sally Smithard

Director Educational Leadership: Deb Summerhayes

Principal Network: Cambridge Park

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Additional professional learning funding.

Impact and achievements

Development of Learning and leading teams that align with the school’s strategic directions to increase staff leadership. All staff are actively engaged in the school’s plan. Increased professional learning opportunities to address stronger HSC reforms.

Initiative 2

Employment of additional staff member 1 day per week to improve teaching and learning delivery.

Impact and achievements

Employment has allowed delivery of a broad curriculum following a staffing change during the year at the executive level. This will not continue in 2019.

Initiative 3

Staff relief to support student engagement in ATSI programs with external alliances.

Impact and achievements

Students engage with external agencies, particularly universities, with offers being made prior to the commencement of the HSC examinations. Support ensures we are meeting the department’s goals that ‘Every student is known, valued and cared for in our schools’. Improvement in value added for each student.

Initiative 4

Employment of a teacher to support a large number of EAL/D students.

Impact and achievements

Development of learning plan plans to support students across all curriculum areas to ensure lesson delivery is differentiated. Development of transition plans to ensure students are supported beyond school. Team teaching to develop staff pedagogy.

Initiative 5

Funding of extra-curricula programs to EAL/D and refugee students.

Impact and achievements

Engagement in extra-curricular activities to extend the curriculum delivered in the classroom space. Improved attendance. Transition support and mentoring provided.

Initiative 6

Funding support for low SES students.

Impact and achievements

Ensures engagement in whole school activities including extra-curricular so that every student is given the best opportunity to be engaged and challenged in the classroom space and other learning environments.

Initiative 7

Employment of a teacher (0.6 FTE) to provide additional support to low level disability students.

Impact and achievements

Improved attendance. Improved outcomes and completion of assessment tasks. Transition support provided to support further education and/or employment after school. Improved of literacy and numeracy skills.

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