Quirindi High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Quirindi High School

School code: 8174

Number of students: 399

Principal: Ian Worley

Director Educational Leadership: Mark Young

Principal Network: Mooki

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

The trial of a Community Liaison Officer and Media position has allowed the school to become a highlight of the local community. The school has entered into partnership with the local council and has had a focus on 'local first' in relation to purchasing and student activities.

Impact and achievements

The focus on the community has significantly raised the profile of the school and has led to an increased positive relationship between the school and the community.

Initiative 2

In 2017, the school commenced a new initiative, the establishment of a Clontarf Academy within the school. The academy provides high quality cultural education and support for young Aboriginal men. Two Clontarf officers have been employed and two spaces have been converted into Clontarf Academy rooms. The project has grown and has had a significant effect on students throughout the year and, by extension, the program has supported the whole school community and the broader community. Ninety per cent of Aboriginal boys have been engaged with the program and students have participated in a variety of events.

Impact and achievements

There has been a significant improvement in terms of results for Aboriginal boys, including improved student attendance. The data shows attendance rates for Aboriginal boys in Years 7-12 have improved significantly.

Data from 2014 shows attendance at 77.63%, 2015 at 75.91%, 2016 at 75.57% and in 2017, when the program began, it rose to 79.51% and 2018 shows that improvement continuing with attendance as at the end of term 2 at 80.81%. A reduction in suspensions for Aboriginal students has been evident. The total number of suspensions for Aboriginal students in 2016 was 53, in 2017 was 51, and to date in October 2018 it was 31.

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