Petersham Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Petersham Public School

School code: 4502

Number of students: 267

Principal: Hugh Miller

Director Educational Leadership: Virginia Pacey

Principal Network: Marrickville

Our funded school initiatives

  • The employment of an additional teacher and School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) to run MultiLit reading instruction programs.
  • The employment of an EAL/D teacher 2 days per week providing support for students from diverse language backgrounds, through MiniLit early literacy support program, withdrawal groups and in-class support.

Impact and achievements

  • Successful implementation of MultiLit reading instruction programs.
  • Students were assessed for inclusion based on their level of need in phonics and phonemic awareness, with preference given to students from language backgrounds other than English and Aboriginal backgrounds.
  • Data collected before and after MiniLit programs were implemented show a high level of success in targeted students, with significant increases in students' awareness and application of single sounds, blends and digraphs in reading and writing activities.

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