Parkview Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School code: 4413

Number of students: 410

Principal: Travis Irvin

Director Educational Leadership: Troy Mott

Principal Network: Narrandera

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Effectively assessing, tracking and analysing student achievement allowing for effective programming and meaningful reporting to parents.

Impact and achievements

Structures are in place for the implementation of the learning progressions including collegial discussions on data and collaborative programming. Reports to parents reflect a strong knowledge of student achievements and next steps in learning.

Initiative 2

Ensuring ongoing professional development for teachers by implementing a comprehensive program focusing on the teaching of English and mathematics.

Impact and achievements

Professional learning reflects research based strategies focused on building the capacity of teachers. This has resulted in all staff continually improving and able to cater for diverse student needs.

Initiative 3

Implementing a 3 tiered intervention model enabling integrated and intensive support for students ‘at risk’ in reading and mathematics across Kindergarten to Year 6.

Impact and achievements

All students are identified, monitored and understood enabling appropriate strategies to be utilised resulting in an increase in the number of students reaching stage appropriate outcomes.

Initiative 4

Initiating an extended transition program where children in the year prior to starting school have access to a program focused on school readiness for 3 x half days per week.

Impact and achievements

The program has resulted in improved social skills, school readiness and access to early intervention for students requiring additional support.

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