Newcastle High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Newcastle High School

School code: 8509

Number of students: 1170

Principal: Nathan Towney

Director Educational Leadership: Jennifer Moody

Principal Network: Newcastle

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Embedding a whole school approach to explicit teaching of core skills through a future-focused curriculum.

Impact and achievements

  • Roll out of new technology to support future-focused initiatives.
  • Planning for the introduction of a future-focused elective in Year 9 2019.
  • Establishing BYOD implementation for Year 7 2019.

Initiative 2

Implementing a whole-school approach to ensure best practice in assessment.

Impact and achievements

  • Professional Learning Plan established to reinforce effective assessment practices across the school.
  • Analysis of assessment data.
  • Students complete assessment survey.
  • Professional learning sessions for all staff, focused on 'Developing Quality Assessment Tasks'.

Initiative 3

A structured Stage 6 support plan focused on enhancing student wellbeing and academic success.

Impact and achievements

  • Review current Stage 5-6 Transition Program.
  • Develop Curriculum and Transition (CaT) team.
  • Establish Year 12 mentoring program, senior study sessions, homework centre, Edrolo and wellbeing days.

Initiative 4

Implement a whole school approach to improving teacher quality.

Impact and achievements

  • Business Manager employed, allowing senior executive to work as Instructional Leaders.
  • Increased the number of lesson observations at all levels.
  • Senior executive timetabled lessons to observe teaching practices and provide relevant feedback.
  • Professional learning options increased collaboration and networking, having a direct impact on teacher practice.

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