Narrabeen North Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Narrabeen North Public School

School code: 3906

Number of students: 700

Principal: Ryan Shepheard

Director Educational Leadership: Andrew Stevenson

Principal Network: Pittwater

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Providing time for assistant principals to work with colleagues in a meaningful way connected to Performance Development Program (PDP) goals.

Impact and achievements

At the end of 2017 the school executive team reviewed the professional support for colleagues connected with their PDP goals. The team identified that school-based practices successfully supported beginning and early career teachers though effective induction procedures and instructional leader/mentor support. The focus in 2018 was to then extend this support to all colleagues in the school and ensure that, as leaders, we engage with each teacher on their PDP goal. Each assistant principal was provided a full-day of release which included Release from face to face time to work in classrooms and side by side with their team members. A key achievement has been that the support across stages has been flexible and responsive to individual needs. To date, support has included modelled lessons, team teaching and observations of practice. Assistant principals have also released teachers to work in other classrooms to observe other colleagues to build capacity in areas of literacy and numeracy. The executive team has mapped our support across the different levels of staff experience to ensure that we are providing specific support to teachers across all stages of their career.

Initiative 2

Intensive intervention programs in the early years with a particular focus on Early Stage 1.

Impact and achievements

Using the funds for low level adjustment for disability, the school has developed intensive early intervention literacy programs. Kindergarten students who were not meeting school benchmark levels in reading and phonological awareness were identified to receive targeted support through small group and individualised programs. Specifically the school continued its community partnership with a qualified speech pathologist to work in the school each week to provide three small group sessions for 40 minutes which focus on building students’ phonological skills. A total of 15 students receive support. The speech pathologist has also provided a professional learning session to staff on identifying and then supporting students in class with specific speech needs. Teachers received practical strategies for developing specific skills in students.

Initiative 3

Aboriginal background funding.

Impact and achievements

Part of this funding is used to support students’ involvement in our Peninsula Community of Schools (PCS) NAIDOC events. Each student identifying as Aboriginal attends the PCS sleep out event with a friend. This event is supported by the local AECG and, together with teaching staff, they provide all students the opportunity to participate in activities to enhance their understanding of Indigenous culture. One particular activity is the yarning circle where students are empowered to share their story in a respectful and collaborative way.

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