Murrumburrah High School

Our school context at October 2018

School code: 8328

Number of students: 130

Principal: Kym Orman

Director Educational Leadership: Meg Couvee

Principal Network: Yass

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Aboriginal background loading:

  • All identified students requiring Personalised learning plans (PLPs) have these in place early in the year (13 students). All Aboriginal students are provided with an in-school tutor teacher support.
  • Stage 5 and 6 Aboriginal students Wingara mura-bunga barra bugu are able to actively experience university life at the University of Sydney.
  • Seven students are able to attend the STEM Youth development camp for Aboriginal students in Years 7 to 11.
  • Aboriginal tutor employed 0.2 FTE per week during 2018.
  • Purchase of Wiradjuri language kit.
  • Mark Saddler, Wiradjuri elder to conduct workshop with 140 students.

Impact and achievements

  • Improvements in attendance and engagement are reflected in PLPs through inclusive story sharing, community links, symbols and images, non-verbal, land links, non-linear (assistance with homework, assessment tasks), learning maps, deconstruct and plan areas.
  • All areas are reported to parents during scheduled review meetings each semester.

Initiative 2

Low level adjustment for disability:

  • Learning and Support Teacher (LaST) gathers data for all new students. School learning support officers (SLSOs) work with classroom teachers in providing relevant adjustments to content, product and process (approximately 96 hours per fortnight).
  • Learning support meetings fortnightly monitor both students’ learning and wellbeing concerns following staff referrals.
  • LaST meets throughout the year with parents when Individual Learning Plans or general progress needs arise.
  • LaST follows up on referrals, testing by LaST and school counsellor.
  • Transition - literacy and numeracy progression data from previous schools are used to identify students requiring adjustments due to their disability for employment of SLSOs, the Learning and support team, year advisors, school counsellor and executive staff.

Impact and achievements

  • Using literacy and numeracy progression data, students requiring adjustments are identified.
  • LaST monitors SLSOs and provides support.
  • Classroom teachers are consulted as to the effectiveness of learning adjustments as measured by engagement in learning and progress in literacy and numeracy using formative assessment and standardised testing.
  • Information recorded on Individual Learning Plans and included in reporting and parent meetings.
  • Minutes of all meetings (internally and with parents) are available to staff, including follow up from each meeting discussion.

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