Liverpool Boys High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Liverpool Boys High School

School code: 8186

Number of students: 560

Principal: Michael Saxon

Director Educational Leadership: Jan Dolstra (R)

Principal Network: Liverpool

Our funded school initiatives

  • Using innovative practices involving self-directed learning with support via mentoring and a focus on the general capabilities. The school has partnered with Big Picture to support boys in stage 5.
  • Whole school structures have been reimagined to support innovative learning and teaching.
  • The school has implemented new, personalised approaches to subject selection, involving explicit lesson delivery relating to options for programs of study in stages 5 and learning forums where boys and their parents have the opportunity to have individual support during the subject selection processes.
  • Project based learning has been established in stage 4, with corresponding new assessment practices focusing on the general capabilities. In stage 6, alternate pathways have been established, including portfolio entry to partner universities and the creation of LBHS v2.0 for those seeking entry to the workplace after year 12.

Impact and achievements

  • New approach to subject selection has been implemented, with boys and their parents fully engaged in the process. Direct feedback from participants indicates that this approach factors in individual learning and career aspiration needs and is more relevant and responsive. High levels of attendance by both students and their parents at the decision time evening.
  • Portfolio entry has been negotiated with both the University of Wollongong and Western Sydney University.
  • Student surveys (Tell Them From Me) indicate that 61% of students report being engaged intellectually compared to the state average of 28%.
  • Support material for the stage 4 into 5 subject selection has been produced, tailored to the needs of the boys, 88% of whom come from language backgrounds other than English.

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