Heathcote High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Heathcote High School

School code: 8246

Number of students: 735

Principal: Stephen Waser

Director Educational Leadership: Jennifer French

Principal Network: Woronora River

Our funded school initiatives

  • Learning Centre Coordinator
  • ALARM implementation- staged implementation
  • Future focus learning
  • Literacy initiative.

Impact and achievements

  • Improved learning culture, through the use of SCOUT with a significant increase in value added results.
  • Standard of writing has continued to improve. RAP data indicates increase in the standard of longer response questions in the 2017 HSC. 2018 data is eagerly awaited.
  • Staff and students having access to future focus learning spaces and pedagogy with an increased engagement and standard of work.
  • Having a whole school focus on Year 7 writing has enabled an increase in the standard of students written responses.

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