Granville Boys High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Granville Boys High School

School code: 8811

Number of students: 520

Principal: Linda O’Brien

Director Educational Leadership: Andrew Williamson

Principal Network: Parramatta

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Employ an additional deputy principal, executive and teaching staff.

Impact and achievements

The deputy principal manages professional learning across the school, including fortnightly professional learning sessions, staff development days, the implementation of peer coaching program and the staff accreditation process. Responsible for implementation of project-based learning (PBL). Allows 3 deputies - one administration, welfare and professional development. Additional teaching staff to allow for extra classroom support for students.

Initiative 2

Increased availability of technology in PBL classrooms and upgrade of classrooms to cater for PBL and other learning spaces.

Impact and achievements

Allows students to research, all areas of PBL. Students create PowerPoint presentations and posters. Film project development. Preparation of PBL presentations. Classrooms fully prepared for PBL.

Initiative 3

Staff professional learning for PBL and new syllabus.

Impact and achievements

Period allowance for all PBL teachers to attend peer coach meetings. Period allowances for six peer coaches. External facilitators for ongoing professional learning of staff at school conferences and professional learning days. Release days for PBL teachers for professional learning days.

Initiative 4

Employment of a business manager.

Impact and achievements

Oversees capital works projects within the school, technology acquisition, on WHS committee Finance committee.

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