Gilgandra High School

Our school context at October 2018

School code: 8349

Number of students: 228

Principal: Neal Reed

Director Educational Leadership: Michael Honeywood

Principal Network: Mudgee

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Undertaking whole school professional learning using the Fleming model of explicit direct instruction.

Impact and achievements

This project is in its formative stages. A small team has been developed to lead the initiative and will commence the instruction in 2019 focusing on Stage 4 classes.

Initiative 2

Implementing a whole school approach to wellbeing focusing on character development. The implementation of the You can do it (YCDI) program provides students and staff with a consistent language to focus on character and academic growth.

Impact and achievements

The transition program from Year 6 into Year 7 has been modified to include the YCDI framework to support student wellbeing and success. 100% of staff will undertake professional learning by July 2019 to support the program.

Initiative 3

Employment of an additional 1.0 FTE teacher to provide additional literacy and numeracy support for targeted students. The project is designed to provide additional skills using the MacLit program to demonstrate upward trends in literacy and numeracy skills.

Impact and achievements

Additional support has been provided to approximately 30% of Year 7 students and 23% of Year 8 students. Benchmark testing has occurred and summative testing will take place at the end of this placement (term 4).

Initiative 4

Engaging in an action research project titled Watching others work (WOW), to support the collaborative development of teachers.

Impact and achievements

30% of staff have participated in the project so far, demonstrating the development of a collaborative learning community to enrich teaching practice and peer feedback. Additional professional learning provided to the members of the team to support cycles of enquiry and data collection.

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