Francis Greenway High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Francis Greenway High School

School code: 8439

Number of students: 668

Principal: Joanne Edwards

Director Educational Leadership: John Millburn

Principal Network: Hunter

Our funded school initiatives

RAM funding has allowed us to employ a full time deputy principal with responsibility solely for Stage 6. This has allowed an experienced head teacher to take on the pastoral and educational leadership of the students in Stage 6 who are engaging with either the academic or VET educational path. RAM funding has allowed this person to be full-time.

Impact and achievements

While it is too early to see significant trend data in HSC results, early evaluations indicate a high degree of connectedness between the students and Year 12 teachers, the students and the school executive and particularly the students and each other as a more nurturing and structured approach permeates the Stage 6 culture.

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