Emerton Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Emerton Public School

School code: 4422

Number of students: 227

Principal: Nathan Smith

Director Educational Leadership: Michael Hooker

Principal Network: Mount Druitt

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Literacy and Numeracy - teaching staff work with school leaders to confidently develop effective teaching programs using the English and mathematics syllabuses. Teachers demonstrate a clear understanding of, and utilise a range of, assessment strategies in literacy and numeracy.

Impact and achievements

  • All staff K-6 implemented Targeted early numeracy (TEN) and Taking off with numeracy (TOWN)
  • Teaching staff collaborated to develop differentiated lessons and assessments in both literacy and numeracy. Two Reading Recovery teachers were utilised to support students who were struggling with reading.
  • Teaching staff were provided with opportunities to enhance consistent teacher judgement practices throughout the school during additional relief from face to face (RFF) time. Teachers analysed writing samples together, collated data and used this information to inform their teaching and learning programs.
  • Executive members of staff used as Instructional Leaders to support teachers and students in reading and writing.
  • Guided readers and quality picture texts were purchased to ensure students had appropriate access to rich texts.

Initiative 2

Professional learning - school leaders collaborate with all staff in professional learning cells to share expertise in the areas of growth mindset, formative assessment and behaviour management to develop effective teaching programs and refine teaching practice.

Impact and achievements

  • Professional learning cells, which addressed the goals of staff PDPs. Staff shared their expertise to provide professional development in these areas so that teachers could implement high quality teaching and learning strategies.
  • Teachers used a range of formative assessment strategies to inform their teaching programs and practice.
  • An additional hour of RFF was allocated to classroom teachers which enabled staff to participate in consistent teacher judgement sessions, peer coaching, classroom observations and collegial planning.

Initiative 3

Aboriginal background - RAM Aboriginal funding is being used to employ School learning support officers (SLSO) and additional teaching staff. Funding is being used to support the development of personalised learning pathways for each Aboriginal student.

Impact and achievements

  • An Aboriginal member of staff was released from class, one day per week, to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years K to 6 to help students develop cultural understandings, resilience and to support learning.
  • SLSOs provide extra in class support.
  • Aboriginal students have a plan developed in consultation with their classroom teacher and parent/carer to meet their individual learning needs. This has resulted in improved outcomes and engagement for all Aboriginal students.

Initiative 4

Socio-economic background initiative

Impact and achievements

  • The employment of a range of support and teaching staff enabled improved learning outcomes to be achieved.
  • Roles included a specialist music and a cooking teacher, speech and occupational therapists, a reading intervention teacher working in Years 2-3 and 4 experienced teachers working 3 days per week across all mainstream classes to provide intervention programs for targeted students.
  • A Community liaison officer has been employed 3 days per week to engage the community in school programs.
  • A book project that incorporated a novel study of Jackie French (K–2) and David Walliams (3–6) with children attending a theatrical performance of the novel and taking home a copy of the book.
  • The school employed a speech therapist one day a week to assess and provide individual speech therapy sessions. The school’s priority is to focus on Early Stage 1, Stage 1 students. All kindergarten students have received a formal assessment from the speech therapist.

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