E A Southee Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School code: 4383

Number of students: 110

Principal: Leonie Stevenson

Director Educational Leadership: Carolynne Merchant

Principal Network: Temora

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Employing our Instructional Leader for an extra day to support the Bump it Up initiative and improve literacy and numeracy across the school.

Impact and achievements

Increased improvement in literacy and numeracy across the school support by the professional learning around progressions and data informed lesson planning. In 2018 for the first time we met the expected Premier’s Priorities percentage increase in our NAPLAN results.

Initiative 2

Employing an experienced educator to mentor beginning teachers and support more experienced teachers.

Impact and achievements

Beginning teachers have met expectations for planning, programming and reporting to parents. The mentor has supported these teachers through these processes explicitly during her time at school. Teachers have also been supported in compiling their accreditation and application and interview processes. This has ensured that teachers have gained permanent teaching positions and are well ahead of expected time in collating their accreditation evidence.

Initiative 3

Hiring buses to transport students to swimming and water safety lessons and across school excursions to ensure that at least 90% of students participate in this essential water safety program and syllabus aligned stage excursions. Engaged Austswim Instructors and bus hire to ensure prior to summer students from Kindergarten to Year 1 have the opportunity to participate in water safety lessons to prepare them for summer 2018/19.

Impact and achievements

98% of students participated in our across school excursions and 95% of students participated in the department’s swimming and water safety program. 100% parent and staff support for the K/1 Water safety program with all students expected to attend in Term 4. Austswim teachers engaged for program.

Initiative 4

Supported Student leadership program funding to ensure student leaders have the opportunity to establish leadership qualities through participation in extensive programs and exceptional opportunities across the year.

Impact and achievements

Student leaders team building excursion to Melbourne. Student leaders updated uniform for excursions and identification for new students at school. Student leaders aligned with local member Steph Cooke with invitations to local and state events for student leaders. Local Council participation and local community Meals on Wheels Program participants. Current and future leader aspirations increased and a positive student voice at EA Southee Public School.

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